Lake Meeting Forest, Remote North-West Thailand
August 12, 2018
White-Handed Gibbons Calls | Central Thailand
October 15, 2018

Late Morning at the Slow River, Central Thailand

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Recorded by a pristine stream in Malaysia’s tropical rainforest.

Recording Details

Location: Khao Yai national park, Thailand
Habitat: Seasonal tropical forest
Duration: 59 minutes (7 tracks)
Audio Format: Mp3 (48kHZ/24bit)

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1 Hour of beautiful relaxing rainforest sounds with Gibbon calls 4:12 and singing tropical birds for calming your mind and connecting with nature. Perfect for meditation, yoga, relaxation, concentrating, studying, etc. You will experience immensely alive rainforest in the morning time meeting the slow river with many various birds. We are along the banks of Lam Takhong river which drains from the central Khao Yai area and runs in a North East direction to the Mekong. Khao Yai protected area is one of the last places in Central Thailand where Elephants still roams freely and much other wildlife is still surviving. As the journey of the sounds progress, you will hear some very interesting Gibbon calls. The lar gibbon, also known as the white-handed gibbon, an endangered primate in the gibbon family, Hylobatidae. Location: Khao Yai national park, Central Thailand


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