Intense morning deep in the tropical rainforest | Mainland Malaysia
October 23, 2018

Highlands Morning Ambience | Borneo, Malaysia

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Recording Details

Location: Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia
Habitat: Lowland dipterocarp forest
Duration: 0:57min (1 track)
Audio Format: Mp3 (48kHZ/24bit)


Montane birdsongs in Lowland dipterocarp forest. Starting as a calm ambience just before sunrise and continues to active bird sounds when the morning progresses. Recorded in the Mt. Kinabalu forests in morning time, 1700m above sea level. Mount Kinabalu at 4,095 is the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia and contains an incredible amount of biodiversity.

“In part of this recording, the main species in the foreground with the sharp, varied song is Bornean Whistler. Bornean Treepie makes the occasional fluty, melodic phrases. And there are quite a few others in the background too – eg. Crimson-headed Partridge towards the end of the cut.” – Marc Anderson, Wild Ambience

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